1001 Nights

A celebration of Multicultural Aleppo

What is 1001 Nights?

1001 Nights is a unique cultural event that weaves together ancient and modern expressions of Middle Eastern stories, food, music and wisdom traditions to celebrate our rich pluralistic culture.

The Problem

In the global imagination, the Middle East is often a place associated with violence, war, subjugated women and now natural disaster. Over a century of nationalism and colonialism has traumatised a land still rich in culture and indigeneous wisdom.


Drawing on the cornerstone of Middle Eastern literature– 1001 Nights and its brave, brilliant storyteller Scherazad–we respond to division and destruction with creation, reframing the Middle East as an epicenter of music, art and wisdom. We move beyond artificial borders, and religious divisions to celebrate a region of the world that can offer so much to her brothers and sisters.