Azad Storytelling Performance is a live storytelling performance. A woman’s magical, multi-generational,healing journey from the Armenian Genocide to the Syrian war, weaving Karagöz shadow puppetry, traditional Hakawati storytelling, and indigenous Middle-Eastern music.

Azad (the rabbit and the big bad wolf) is written by Sona Tatoyan in collaboration with Jared Mezzocchi. A kaleidoscopic multimedia theatrical experience featuring ancient Karagöz shadow puppets, indigenous Middle Eastern folk music, oral storytelling, video projection, and movement. Highlighting the transformative power of a friendship between an Armenian artist and jailed Turkish humanitarian Osman Kavala, Azad (the rabbit and the wolf) is a prescription for the power of creation to counter destruction.

1001 Nights Experience is a unique cultural event that weaves together ancient and modern expressions of Middle Eastern storytelling, food, music and wisdom traditions to celebrate our rich pluralistic culture. In a time of increasing global turmoil, division, fear and hatred, 1001 Nights experience offers an opportunity to build peace and celebrate our common humanity: offering creation as an antidote to destruction. 1001 Nights experience is an annual festival that will be implemented in a different region of Armenia each year as well as various international locations.

Finding Hope is a short creative-documentary that delves into the human quest for hope in the face of unimaginable adversity. Set in post-genocide Rwanda, the story follows the inspiring journey of Hope Azeda, a Rwandese artist and survivor. The film celebrates the power of art and culture as transformative forces and serves as a tribute to those who seek hope amidst injustice and hardship worldwide. To be released in the summer of 2024, in memory of the 30th anniversary of one of humanity’s darkest pages – the Rewanda genocide (1994).


Projects in Development

#BeAzad Campaign is a multi-platform online campaign inspired by the message of Azad to “Be free” and “Reframe your story.” Hakawati will curate crowd sourced audio-visual stories through a series of questions that seek to empower the individual to reframe their own personal stories of trauma and tragedy into the source of their strength, light and wisdom. Participants will edit and deliver their stories in episodic pieces through the use of an AI supported application. The campaign begins in 2024, in collaboration with Stanford University Medical School’s students association, with an expected lifespan of years to come.

Armenian Visual Storytelling Accelerator Lab is an 8 week storytelling lab that fosters Armenian stories and audio visual storytellers to build the Armenian narrative worldwide through well made, crafted film and TV projects. Hakawati will serve 6 projects of all genres, developing them at an international caliber in order to highlight and promote Armenian culture, stories and storytellers. Upon completion of the lab, Hakawati will facilitate access to the most prominent networks and channels internationally to pitch projects for distribution.

The Hakawati Project | Jordan is a two-month comprehensive filmmaking lab in various disciplines of cinema that work in concert to produce six short films to illuminate the crisis in the Middle East. The Project takes place in Jordan, where we will work with impacted communities throughout the region, i.e. Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Kurds, Iraqis, Palestinians, and Armenians. The project is a collaboration: A-list international talent will mentor and facilitate the creative filmmaking process, provide master-class style sessions to sharpen filmmaking tools, and nurture the talent of individuals affected by the regional turmoil.