Ayhan Hulagu

Karagöz Creative Consultant and Puppet Maker

Ayhan Hulagu (Karagöz Creative Consultant/Puppet Maker/Puppeteer) is a Kurdish actor and Karagöz puppeter currently based in the US. He founded the theater group Hayal Perdesi in Turkey and later launched the PAU Theatre Festival. He was a member of Sahika Tekand Studio Players in Istanbul. 

Hulagu was granted an ‘extraordinary ability artist’ visa to the US for bringing the Karagöz art form to the United States and founding Karagöz Theater Company in 2017. He has debuted shows in Washington D.C.,  Miami, California, Texas and New York City and performed at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, National Puppet Festival, Neopolis International Theater Festival, and La MaMa Puppet S., to name a few.  Hulagu has also organized workshops and exhibitions in Hawaii, Minnesota, Cornell, Harvard University. 

Hulagu adapted Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Miguel de Cervantes’s Don Quixote for the first time to traditional Karagöz theater. He made history as the first artist to introduce Karagöz—in its nearly 700 years history–to Broadway. He is a board member of Puppeteers of America.