Hakhu Amazon LAB

The Hakhu Amazon Lab is a social justice vehicle exploring the intersection of storytelling and trauma healing work to create visual stories. We work with communities on the frontlines of suffering and trauma to create and provide a platform where innovative human transformation can take place. The initiative aims to foster creativity labs in film, theater, and other storytelling modalities.
Narrative is central to our personal empowerment and our ability, as humans, to function and navigate our world. We believe in the power of storytelling to shift individual limitations, engender our collective awakening and strengthen human symbiosis.

How do we empower indigenous communities through
storytelling and film?

Our video lab consists of a 8-day comprehensive filmmaking lab where young leaders from Amazon frontline communities and a select group of therapists, artists, professors, and filmmakers come together to dissect traumatic experiences and heal collectively through guided visual stories. Many individuals in frontline communities need support to cope with discrimination, racism, loss of culture and ancestral heritage.

The aim of our program is to give these communities the tools to process trauma, express themselves and take action by sharing their voice through storytelling and video.

At Hakhu, we strive to support, inspire and share the harrowing, powerful stories of young indigenous leaders across Latin America. Ultimately, we want to elevate individuals in frontline communities and ignite a generation of confident, powerful, environmental warriors!