The Hakawati Project

The Hakawati Project is a collaboration with The Sundance Institute to bring stories of refugees’ plight and experience to the world. This project brings together A-list and emerging international cinema artists and refugee artists from Syria and other conflict zones interested in creative forms of storytelling. The Hakawati Project provides creative workshops in various disciplines of cinema (screenwriting, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, and music composition) in refugee camps. The Hakawati Project aims to help sharpen creative tools to support preservation of history as it unfolds for Syrians and other refugees currently displaced, providing a platform for the vast global refugee community to creatively express their experiences. By crafting their communication and artistic skills, refugees can tell the stories of their experience that Hollywood does not. These first-hand experiences are equally educational for those on the receiving end, offering us an opportunity to listen, feel, connect, and inspire response.