Sona Tatoyan

Co-founder, Creative director

(30’s, unafraid of the dark, second degree black-belt) fancies herself a global citizen – and indeed she is. A cultured woman of Syrian/Armenian/American descent. A powerful actress, writer, and producer who manages to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable. ’Passionate’ is an understatement. Sona has devoted her life to storytelling, with zealous belief in its ability to provoke empathy and inspire collective action.

Jen Robinson


Jen (30’s, heart of gold, charming Australian accent) has found her niche in the world of human rights. A light-hearted approach to life, yet a bold, daring and dutiful lawyer. Oxford graduate and Rhodes scholar. Forever curious and infectiously optimistic. Jen is relentlessly creative in her fight for justice and believes storytelling is an entry to empathy that can inspire action beyond the courtroom.

Ian Daniel

Creative Director

(30’s, articulate, ruggedly handsome ginger with an Indiana twang) is a young man with an impressive resume. As co-host and executive producer of the Emmy® nominated television show, Gaycation, Ian dives deep into international queer culture, asking questions that most shy away from. A skilled filmmaker, writer, and curator, Ian is involved in arts & culture projects all over the world. Next stop: Germany.

Hamoudi Badarne

Artist Coordinator

(30’s, disarming, with a warm disposition) is a humble, perceptive man with a camera. A human rights activist since his teenage years in Palestine. With his first photograph in 2007, Hamoudi discovered a whole new way of giving back. A grant recipient from renowned art foundations all over the world. Hamoudi doesn’t just capture the issue, he captures the person behind the issue, revealing nothing but their truest self.