Hakawati is a Berlin/Los Angeles based social justice vehicle and non-profit arm of Disruptive Narrative committed to exploring the impact of storytelling with communities on the front lines of suffering. For Hakawati, authentic storytelling is at the heart of every creative project as we provide a forum for refugees and other marginalized communities whose stories are silenced to create opportunities for themselves. Hakawati seeks to help heal. Hakawati aspires to empower.

Among other things , in collaboration with The Sundance Institute , Hakawati brings together A-list international cinema artists and refugee communities in camps.

Professional artists will mentor and inspire these young refugees through creative workshops in screenwriting, acting, directing, cinematography, editing, and music composition.

Through this intersection, the vast global refugee community will be given a platform to creatively express their experiences and build relationships with each other. By crafting their communication and artistic skills, refugees can tell the stories that mainstream media does not. First-hand experiences from these young hakawatis are equally as educational for those on the receiving end, offering an opportunity to listen, feel, connect, and respond.

The Hakawati Project will allow voices to be heard, stories to be witnessed: an opportunity for people to deeply feel their own humanity. The project will provide a vital and necessary alternative to the narratives available through journalism and media. Storytelling provides a pathway to empathy, an essential element in inspiring collective action.

Tell. Listen. Act. This is how healing begins.